Content Management:


The tasks of conversion, structuring, abstracting, tagging and cross-linking Content assets have historically been burdensome and expensive for media and publishing companies despite automation. Although these tasks are critical for core functions such as Content Archival, Retrieval and Syndication, many companies are unable to effectively scale their Content Management Operations, especially in an environment demanding reduced operating costs.

Cromex has deep subject-matter expertise in the Scientific & Medical, Legal and Technology areas. It has the resources, experience, and commitment to provide outsourced state-of-the-art content management services at highly affordable and competitive prices.

Deconstructing complex legal documents
Cromex has worked with online databases and service firms in the Legal-Content arena. These organizations deal with highly sensitive and/or highly valuable legal information like legislation, judgments, contracts and intellectual property.

Embedded in the Legal-content is structured information like dates, financial terms that need to be captured; and unstructured information like clauses, quotes which require interpretation. Cromex has domain experts with experience in contextual interpretation, summarizing, tagging and reference linking such Content. Given the long shelf life and large economic impact of legal documents, great care is taken to ensure the highest quality and confidentiality.

Annotating and cross-linking scientific literature
Scientific information is unique due to its complexity of symbols, diagrams and images. It is also the content with the greatest archival value. Cromex has worked with scientific content from both an information retrieval perspective and an education perspective. Bringing to bear the combined expertise of PhDs, pharmacists, scientists and engineers on projects ranging from internal knowledge management to online information services, from scientific learning courseware to e-Commerce hubs.

Categorizing and key-wording technology research
Cromex has worked with global pioneers in the technology information arena. Whether it is technology news or views, the latest market research or the new product literature, Cromex has provided data aggregation, normalization and XML solutions to index, archive, retrieve and disseminate that content. Cromex's information architects and domain experts have worked with a cross-linked thesaurus with over 5,000 terms and provided categorization/taxonomy and key-wording services.