Application Development:


We have a team of individuals with excellent skills in Client-Server, Internet, Intranet Application Development. We have able and Experienced Programmers, Developers and Designers to suit the best of your needs.

We develop Applications using the latest in Programming Technology such as C#, ASP.NET and various other Programming Languages and Databases like MS-SQL and MS Access.


Enterprise Applications: Distributed and Workgroup Applications, Mission-Critical Applications, Document and Archival Systems.

Internet Applications: Web enabled and Website Development, Data-Centric Web Development, e-Commerce Applications.

Networking Applications : Network Clients, Concurrent Servers, Communication Applications.

Database Applications : Client Server, Integrated Applications, Multi-tier Applications.

Front-end Applications : Productivity Applications, Multimedia Applications, Database Applications, GUI Development.


Core Development Languages: C#, Win Forms, ASP.NET Web Forms.

Scripting Languages: HTML, XML, ASP, JavaScript.

RAD Tools: Visual Studio.NET

Databases: MS-SQL Server and Microsoft Access.